Audit and Compliance

Have confidence that you are meeting audit and compliance standards.

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Regulatory compliance can be time-consuming, meaning that CFOs – through their accounting and treasury teams – must be experts in technical and financial compliance, understanding regulatory details and nuances to ensure they efficiently comply. That’s why it’s important to leverage technology that can help you meet those standards.

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Meeting Internal Audit Policies

Kyriba offers structured and auditable workflows so that finance teams can demonstrate audit and controls for cash management, payments, bank accounts, and other separation of duties and data loss prevention.


Regulatory Compliance

Kyriba supports our clients in their compliance with regulations that affect corporate finance, such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FBAR, hedge accounting and OFAC to bring peace of mind to the organisation.

Information transparency, processing, reporting and documented controls simplify compliance actions.


Safety in the Cloud

IT can attest that financial data is safer in the cloud, but not all 'clouds' are alike when it comes to information security. Kyriba has invested in its technology to ensure that the right regulations are met for data security, operational controls and disaster recovery.

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    Application Security

    Kyriba’s application security ensures the 'front door' of your treasury system is safe with strong password policy controls, multi-factor authentication, IP filtering, single sign-on and data encryption at rest and in motion.

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    Physical Security

    It is imperative that cloud platforms protect data from internal and external attacks. Kyriba’s physical security infrastructure include a cyber defence centre with SIEM, a network operations centre and world-class data centres with 24-hour security, biometric scanning, digital video surveillance, gated entrance and secure data racks.

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    Vendor Security

    Kyriba invests in security processes including web server security, penetration testing, email security, database security, networking, vulnerability management and secure coding.

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    Ongoing Process Security

    Our risk governance programme ensures we are in line with security policies, procedures, audits and attestation thanks to continuous monitoring, event logging, security awareness training, segregation of duties and third-party audits.

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