Kyriba Risk Management

Gain insight into how currencies are impacting financial results and cost-effectively manage FX exposure and risk.


Manage FX Risk and Compliance in a Single Platform

Kyriba delivers the industry’s most advanced currency risk management solutions with extensive business intelligence capabilities for easy identification and understanding of foreign exchange (FX) risk.

Kyriba uses extract toolkits to collect complete and accurate data from ERP systems and spreadsheets for in-depth visibility into exposures, reliable analysis and informed risk mitigation. In addition, we offer strong and intuitive workflow solutions to gather and consolidate forecasted exposures from the field.


Balance Sheet Exposure Management

Our balance sheet exposure management solution empowers treasury professionals to streamline and automate their end-to-end FX program by providing the data needed to measure, monitor and manage currency exposure and the associated risk from the balance sheet.

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Cash Flow Exposure Forecasting

Kyriba’s cash flow exposure forecasting solution enables treasury and finance professionals to create, analyse and manage currency exposure from forecasted transactions and cash flows. It delivers a:

  • 25% Increase in hedge ratios
  • 20% in Exposure forecast accuracy
  • 40% Increase in participation in cash flow process
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Complete Trade Agreement

Kyriba is a single source of record for FX trades, including two-way integration with trading portals for trade confirmations and settlements. Kyriba delivers comprehensive analysis of open and hedged FX exposures to ensure compliance with internal FX policies and risk objectives.

Valuation and Accounting

Many CFOs avoid hedge accounting because it is too difficult to comply with. But with Kyriba, it’s easy to manage disclosures and optimise accounting treatment.

Kyriba simplifies valuations and accounting to minimise the headache of meeting derivative and hedge accounting regulatory compliance.

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The Industry’s Most Advanced Technology for Managing FX Risk

Seamless and scalable, our FX risk management solutions handle pre- through post-trade activities and make FX management easier for the entire marketplace.

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