Liquidity Data Hub

Transform financial data into actionable information with data visualisation and interactive dashboarding.


Enabling Effective Business Decisions

Data is only as valuable as the business decisions it informs. Fully secure in Kyriba’s cloud, Kyriba Business Intelligence transforms your data into actionable information via interactive dashboards, as well as smart financial data visualisations and self-service reporting.

Interactive Analysis

Business intelligence is more than just reporting data. Kyriba’s Business Intelligence tools provide instant analysis with customisable, interactive dashboards.

Drag-and-drop functionality provide ease and speed, while the ability to change variables as you go and define layered scenarios enable you to facilitate targeted analyses on demand.


Smart Data Visualisation

Gleaning meaningful insight from data can be difficult when reports consist of rows and columns of information that need to be broken down and analysed. Kyriba Business Intelligence graphically represents your data, making it easy to uncover data relationships and highlight information trends.


Self-service Reporting

Self-service reporting can help treasury generate their own reports and provide better analysis and KPIs to the CFO, CEO and board.

Whether you’re looking to understand cash flow risks or gauge the reliability of your cash forecast, Kyriba Business Intelligence gives insight into your strategic questions. Take advantage of our pre-built KPIs and calculations – or build your own interactive dashboard in a matter of minutes.

Better data visualisation and reporting of key treasury metrics is one initiative that can help the CFO better understand the value of treasury in a time-efficient manner, and also enable that CFO to make faster global business decisions.
Eric Ball General partner of Impact Venture Capital and former CFO

Instant Insight

Kyriba Business Intelligence deploys immediately and provides access to all of your current and historical data hosted by Kyriba, allowing you to promptly use the added insight into your financial data to make faster, more effective global business decisions.

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