Kyriba Payments for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Simplify Dynamics 365 Finance payments & accelerate bank connectivity.

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Integrated Payments & Best-in-Class Bank Connectivity

According to a Kyriba survey of IT professionals, 91 percent of IT professionals cite bank connectivity as one of the most complex aspects of global ERP projects — but it doesn’t have to be.

Kyriba has 20 years of experience in streamlining global bank connectivity and seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, centralising payment activity, delivering superior fraud detection and screening, and providing visibility to de-risk payments.

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Easily process high volumes of payments and increase productivity by up to 90 percent.
Source: Kyriba Value Engineering

Simplify Microsoft Dynamics 365 Payments

The Kyriba Payments Network streamlines global bank connectivity and format transformation, helping accelerate Dynamics 365 Finance cloud transformations, as well as providing real-time fraud detection, bringing added security to your organisation.

Kyriba provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance customers with:

  • Maintained integration using Odata API integration model
  • Native dynamics processing that won’t impact existing configurations
  • Coverage for various payment scenarios
  • Modified mapping using Data Exchange or Microsoft’s extensibility architecture
3X faster time-to-market
saving 4 to 6 months worth of time & costs per bank
Save 1 IT FTE
per 15 banks
Save $50-$150k in onboarding costs per bank
Save $50-$100k annually in payment fraud exposure elimination
per billion dollars in revenue
100% compliance
with workflow approvals

Bank Connectivity

Connectivity as a Service with bolt-on bank connectivity for Dynamics 365 to 1,000+ banks, reducing your ERP migration time by 80%+


Payment Fraud

Customised payment fraud management utilizing detection rules coupled with machine learning


Payment Format Library

45,000+ pre-developed and bank tested payment format scenarios shared across all clients


Bank Monitoring

Global bank monitoring of all incoming and outgoing files; fully outsourced banking support

Enterprise Liquidity

Transform how you use liquidity as a dynamic vehicle for growth and value creation

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