Global Treasury Management: Best Recent Seven Articles about Strategy

By Daniel Shaffer November 11, 2016

Kyriba selected seven of the best recent articles that demonstrate how treasury professionals can be more strategic in their thinking, often with the help of effective policies, payments workflows, and technology. To save you some time sorting through the abyss of information, Kyriba selected these treasury management articles which provide beneficial insights to treasury, cash and risk management professionals world-wide.

  1. Treasurers have more strategic role but still struggle with core tasks – survey — CTMFile
  • Treasurers are taking on a more strategic role within their organisations, with half of respondents noting that they provide strategic financial analysis, compared with 39 per cent a year ago, while 30 per cent are acting as counsel to the executive team (2015, 24 per cent).
  1. 5 Reasons Why Treasurers Should Adopt Multilateral Netting — AFP
  • Treasurers are always looking to simplify their payments workflows, and ensure they have the most secure methodology. Multilateral netting is a great way for treasury management professionals to mitigate tax and compliance risks among many added benefits.
  1. Planning for a successful future in Treasury: What we learned at AFP Orlando 2016 — Kyriba Blog
  • Treasury continues to be asked to provide more, high-level analyses to guide the organization through torrential shifts in economies, adapt to regulatory shifts that affect even basic cash management practices, and continued vigilance in the fight against fraud and cybercrime.
  1. Technology: standing at the crossroads — Treasury Today
  • Your competition is accelerating, and technology is one reason why competitive advantages have propelled the role of global treasury manager. The strategic value of treasury management software today and in five years time should be better understood.
  1. Four Keys to a Successful Supply Chain Finance Program — AFP
  • Financial security is among the highest priorities for CFOs, but though supply chain finance programs can demonstrate strategic value, they are often overlooked. The successful SCF program is one that adheres to these four key tips.
  1. Amex GBT Pursues T&E Via M&A —
  • The strategy for many high growth global organizations is aquisition. In this article, the opportunity to grow through acquiring the right technology is discussed.
  1. Managing risk with effective treasury policies and technology — Kyriba Blog
  • Effective treasury policies and technology can increase efficiencies that lead to more time spent on meaningful analysis for capital allocations structures, risk management insight, supplier or customer finance programs, or new or better business intelligence.

Whether you are starting out on your path to treasury transformation as a practitioner or deep into your treasury tenure and guiding your team through the process, Kyriba offers these articles to pique your ability to succeed. Follow us for more treasury tips and related news on our blog and social media pages, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook.

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